Tooth Extraction


Tooth extraction, as the term indicates, is a dental procedure whereby a single tooth, or multiple teeth ae removed from the oral cavity. There are a number of instances whereby the extraction of teeth may be indicated, the most prominent of which include: impacted wisdom teeth (third molars), severely decayed teeth, space gaining for orthodontic treatments, advanced gingival infections, vertical fractures of the teeth, severe abscess or infection near the root etc.

In such cases, we at Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS go the extra mile in making sure that our patients remain completely comfortable and stress free while in the dental chair. We offer multiple sedation options that can help calm your nerves and eliminate any chances of pain during the tooth removal. Rest assured that we will make the extraction feel like a breeze. Prior to the actual removal of the tooth, we usually perform a thorough examination of the oral cavity, followed by radiographs to determine the position of the tooth, or the extent of infection below the gum. We use techniques that ensure minimal bleeding, swift healing and fast recovery so you can get back to your normal routines sooner than you expected.