Titanium & Zirconia Implants


Dental Implants are currently the best means of replacing missing teeth in the upper and lower arches of the mouth. There are many different kinds of implants now available in the market worldwide, but the most popular ones are Titanium, and Zirconia implants. While both offer outstanding strength, aesthetic properties, and biocompatibility – there are several differences between them.

Zirconia Implants are relatively new and researches are still being carried out on the material – titanium however, is the go-to material for implants for leading dental surgeons around the globe. Some people have raised concerns about titanium allergies but the cases are extremely rare, and the allergies are actually associated with the small amount of nickel present in these implants. Zirconia on the other hand is completely metal-free. The cost of fabricating zirconia implants is much more than that of Titanium ones. The former is also more likely to get micro fractures over time, in contrast to Titanium which is one of the strongest known metals. Regardless of the material, both types of implants guarantee impeccable results in replacing missing teeth, and restoring the patient’s masticatory function, speech, and the ability to smile with confidence. You can learn more about dental implants by booking an appointment with the team at Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS today.