soft Tissue Grafting


Soft tissue grafting plays a vital role in helping reverse the damage of an advanced stage gingival infection. Infections such as Periodontitis can cause severe recession of the gum, exposing the root portion of the teeth. This is a painful condition that can lead to mobility and early loss of teeth if left untreated. In order to control the infection, a combination approach of surgery, pharmaceutical intervention and cleaning must be planned and executed.

In order to prevent teeth from becoming mobile or getting exposed entirely due to gum recession, the experts at Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS perform a procedure known as Soft Tissue Grafting to replace the infected gums surrounding the teeth. The new tissues that are surgically grafted in their place are meant to support the teeth in their sockets and restore their health after it was compromised by the infection. To eliminate any chances of pain or discomfort, this surgery is performed after administering anaesthesia to the patient. We use the latest techniques and equipment to perform all our surgeries to minimize blood loss, tissue damage, and to promote faster healing. The gum grafts may take about a week or two to fully heal, after which you can get back to your normal routine.