Laser Dentistry & Surgeries


Lasers are taking over the world one industry at a time, and dentistry has already jumped the bandwagon. The technology has helped reshape the way many dental procedures are being performed at advanced clinics around the globe today. We take pride in the fact that Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS offers numerous treatments facilitated by lasers at the clinic.

Some of the most prominent applications of lasers in dental surgery include; Removal of carious lesions, gingival reshaping for aesthetic purposes, and as treatment of gum infections, removal of bacterial and infected pulp during root canal treatments, laser frenectomy, detection of decay and preparation of dental cavities, teeth whitening, oral biopsies, soft tissue lesion removal, and treatment of dental hypersensitivity, among other applications. The technology is FDA approved and offers additional benefits such as controlled blood loss, better preservation of natural tissue, faster healing, tissue regeneration, minimize the use of anaesthesia and promotion of blood clotting.

Lasers are slowly replacing many instruments and equipment in oral surgeries. One laser machine offers multiple applications in dentistry and is therefore being considered revolutionary. It offers better and faster results which benefit both, the patients, as well as the dentists.