Fillings are used to repair and restore teeth when they have sustained structural damage, such as in case of dental wear, decay/caries, or trauma leading to chipped margins and edges. At Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS we use high quality tooth-coloured fillings materials because we care about our patients. Silver fillings not only contains substances that are harmful for humans, and for the environment, but they also look rather unsightly.

Resin-based composites and Glass Ionomer cements are 100% safe, non-toxic, non-irritant to soft tissues, and environment friendly. They offer impeccable strength, and aesthetic properties – making it easier to restore both front and back teeth without compromising the appearance of the smile. Composite fillings look and feel exactly like natural teeth in the oral cavity and are therefore the restorative materials of choice for dentists worldwide. They are so versatile that they are now being used in the field of cosmetic dentistry too. Composite veneering is a popular single-visit procedure that guarantees a wonderful new smile makeover without any major tooth preparation or waiting time. Fillings must ideally be done soon as a lesion of decay is detected on the tooth in order to save more natural tooth structure, and to curb the infection before it spreads further.