Dental crowns are commonly known as caps, and are used in restorative as well as cosmetic dentistry. These fixed dental prostheses are meant to cover teeth that have sustained structural damage, or are aesthetically compromised. Crowns not only restore the function and aesthetics of these teeth, but also protect them from any further damage, thus preserving natural teeth. Some instances whereby dental crowning may be indicated include, following a root canal procedure, dental fractures, teeth worn down due to bruxism/grinding, permanently discolouration, previous coloured restorations, gaps between teeth, congenital conditions affecting the development of enamel and dentin etc.

The team at Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS offers crowns that look, feel and work exactly like natural teeth in the mouth. We use Porcelain, and Porcelain Fused to Metal for the restoration of structurally and aesthetically compromised teeth, whether they are located in the anterior portion of the oral cavity, or the posterior end. The tooth upon which the crown sits must first be trimmed down slightly to make adequate room. This treatment is completed in two dental visits. Crowns do not require any extra maintenance, you can just brush and floss them like you do your natural teeth, and they’ll last decades at a stretch!