Dental Implants


Dental Implants are artificial tooth fabricated using titanium, for roots, and porcelain for crowns. This treatment is currently considered the best by leading dental experts, for missing teeth replacement in the oral cavity. Unlike dentures and bridges, these implants replace the crown, as well as the root portion of a natural tooth – and therefore have numerous benefits associated with them. We at Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS offer outstanding dental implant surgery services to our patients. We trust only the finest quality implants available in the market today to restore your ability to eat normally, and smile confidently once again.

Among the many advantages associated with opting for implants over bridges or dentures, the most prominent ones include: Complete functional and aesthetic dental restoration, strengthening and stabilization of the jaw bone, unmatched strength and resilience, non-toxic and biocompatible composition, facial muscle support and ability to support complete dentures. The surgery is invasive and a complete medical/drug history is noted down before deeming a patient eligible for it. A number of different types of sedation methods can be used for the surgery depending upon the requirements of the patient. If you need complete functional and cosmetic dental restoration – dental implant are ideal for you