Computerized Bite Analysis


With the help of Computerized Bite Analysis, dentists can now more efficiently determine whether a patient has dental occlusion issues. The technology plays a vital role in diagnosing alignment related problems, improper bite, and even temporo-mandibular joint disorders in a way conventional radiographs or impressions never could. Better, more comprehensive diagnosis means better treatments, and outstanding results.

There are times when patients find it difficult to explain to their dentists that they’re experiencing an uneven bite. At the Dr M. Andrew Johnson DDS clinic, a Computerized Bite Analysis can help detect the issue and even point to the direction of the source from where it may be originating. For instance, an over-erupted tooth, an ill-fitting crown or bridge, or even a failed implant may be causing the patient to experience discomfort. Unlike conventional practices of taking impression, using bite plates and single region radiographs, this Analysis is much more efficient and accurate. Dentists can create a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan within minutes using the technology. Bite Analysis has made all other impression and facial record taking techniques obsolete and has paved way for better oral healthcare, for all patients. Book an appointment today if you are experiencing any problems related to your bite, or dental alignment.