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General/Restorvative Dentistry

Implant Dentistry
Dental implants are the most effective option for those who are looking to replace one or more missing teeth. By replacing both the root and the crown of the missing tooth, a dental implant will restore beauty, function, stability, and strength to your smile. Dental implants are typically placed after a 3D scan and thorough evaluation.This innovative 3D technology provides all of the necessary information to properly place the right implant in the right position. Implants are placed in one visit and monitored over the course of several months to insure stabilization. When stable, the implant is indexed and your beautiful new implant restoration will be placed on your return visit. For individuals who suffer from poorly-fitting dentures, implants with special attachments for dentures can provide wonderful comfort and stability.

Depending on your individual needs, your implant restoration could be a:

  • Crown
  • Bridge
  • Implant supported Denture

We use both Zirconia and standard titanium implants. Our crowns and bridges are Zirconia or standard precious metal/porcelain restorations. We always include the patient in the planning stages to make sure that the right restoration will be chosen before your implant is placed. When in place, your complete dental implant will be a natural addition to your smile, restoring beauty, function, and health. As mentioned, Dr. Johnson will use a state-of-the-art 3D imaging system to accurately plan the size, length, and where the implant should go. Thanks to dental implants and our innovative 3D imaging technology, you don’t have to live with missing teeth any more. Call us today to learn more about implant dentistry and discover if implants are right for you!

Life-Like ZirconiaCrowns
For conventional treatment of weak or broken teeth, crowns are recommended. In non esthetic zones a variety of biocompatible materials are available. When appearance is key, Zirconia crowns provide superior durability and aesthetics. These crowns are so beautifully crafted that they can even fool the most discriminating eye.

Tooth-Colored Fillings
Our tooth-colored fillings are free from metal and mercury. New innovations in chemistry (e.g. nano-technology) have provided beautiful, durable dental composites that are sure to please the eye and within the scope of use,  provide lasting service. Like all of our restorations, the materials used are biologically compatible to keep you safe and healthy.

Oral Surgery
At the office of Dr. Johnson in Logan, Utah, we provide a full range of basic oral surgical procedures including removal of wisdom teeth. Oral surgery can be used to restore significantly damaged anatomy, provide support for implants and other prosthetics or eliminate infected and diseased tissue. Chronic infections can dramatically affect overall health. Our 3D imaging technology is critical for discovering and treating hidden infections and restoring the mouth and surrounding anatomy to a healthy condition. For more information on oral surgery and its benefits, please call or visit us soon.

Root Canals
Dr. Johnson has been trained in the use of some very innovative technologies to safely and effectively treat fixable teeth. Note -not all teeth are candidates for root canals, badly infected teeth are very difficult to treat and are prone to failure.  That being said, new technology and amazing new materials allow an unprecedented level of success and predictability.  With these specialized instruments, procedures, and predictable materials, often pain-free successful root canal therapy can be used to restore your teeth. If you would like to learn more about innovations in root canal therapy, or if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth or gums, please contact our office as soon as possible.