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About Us

M. Andrew Johnson, DDS

andyI was born and raised in Northern Utah, the son of a dentist, and one who has been very interested in health from youth. After graduating from BYU with a BS in the field of biology, I attended the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 1983 with a D.D.S. doctorate.

During my doctoral education I sought every opportunity to learn whatever I could to improve my knowledge and skills. I took advantage of working in public health clinics and interfacing with the surgery residents.

After my junior year, I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to work the summer with the department of surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center as an extern where I received some great training in oral surgery, anesthesia, and emergency care. I also treated several minor orthodontic cases during my junior and senior years. Though I thought long and hard about specializing in oral surgery or orthodontics, I was having too much fun with all aspects of dentistry and didn’t want to limit the scope of my skills.

After moving my family to Logan and setting up a small office, I made arrangements to take a two-year course with United States Dental Institute in orthodontics to broaden my skills. I have been providing comprehensive orthodontic services for almost thirty years now. I have also successfully employed non-surgical progressive technologies to treat a number of cases with beautiful results. These were cases which traditionally could only be treated with surgery. I have used Occluso-Guide™ and other innovative technologies and now, in addition to these and conventional orthodontics, I am trained to provide Invisalign™.

Early on, many of our patients needed minor tooth movement and the expense of full orthodontics didn’t fit the budget. Working with a local orthodontic lab, some innovative, economical appliances were developed that effectively and economically straighten teeth with minor crowding, saving parents thousands of dollars. Some of these unique appliances have been employed in our office for over 30 years.

I am constantly attending courses and seminars to improve my knowledge of new materials and techniques in all areas of Dentistry. We choose to use only predictable biologically compatible materials. I am proficient with all aspects of general dentistry as well as outpatient surgical procedures including pain management, complicated extractions, soft tissue, bone grafting, and implant placement.In recent years, I have been intrigued with, ultrasonic and laser technologies, as well as the innovations in 3-D diagnostic imaging. This 3-D CT technology enables me to see and treat complicated and normally unseen problems with confidence and accuracy. The laser technology is ofttimes painless and greatly reduces post operative pain and swelling. Ultrasonics in surgery and hygiene provide superior results. These technologies have been integrated into our practice to better serve the needs of our valued patients.
As part of our comprehensive approach to oral and dental care we have teamed up with the Doctors Alliance Group (DAG). Implementing new laser fluorescence technology for early detection and treatment of dental caries and periodontal disease is just one part of new protocols for better patient care. The common triad of bruxing (teeth clenching and grinding), myofacial pain or migraine headaches, and sleep disfunction ( sleep apnea and related disorders) are screened, tested, and working with Doctor Alliance Group physicians, successfully treated. Some of the protocols include, computerized bite evaluations, home sleep tests, using equipment checked out from our office, for evaluating depressed oxygen levels and abnormal breathing patterns. Our concern is for optimal health. These technologies and our comprehensive  integrated approach will surely  positively impact health and quality of life.
I am always looking for natural solutions for optimal health. My personal interest in nutrition and natural health solutions spills over into my approach to dental health. We take a whole body prospective when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.  Our focus is to provide patients with workable solutions to meet their needs and desires and  we do our best to provide this optimal care at a reasonable cost.


Ann Bates, Receptionist

aan-batesSince joining our team in March of 1998, Ann has been essential to our practice. As the office receptionist, Ann keeps the office running smoothly with her great organizational skills by making appointments, collecting payments, taking care of billing and insurance, and ensuring that our lab work gets out and back on time. Our patients are Ann’s favorite part about coming to work. She looks forward to greeting our patients and helping them with their needs. Ann reflects Dr. Johnson’s values and works with him to ensure that all of our patients feel valued and properly cared for.

Ann has been involved in dentistry for many years. She received her dental assistant degree from Utah Technical College in Provo, Utah. She and her husband have four married children and eight grandchildren.

Maggie, Dental Hygienist

maggie-boppMaggie is our newest team member. She was born in Lewiston, and graduated from Sky View High School in 1990. She completed Dental Hygiene School in North Carolina in 2008. After several years of working in a large family practice and then later in a pediatric specialist office, Maggie learned that she had a special knack treating young children and patients with special needs.

Maggie enjoys helping small patients with big personalities develop healthy smiles. Her philosophy while working with children, is to create a comfortable experience for both the patient and the parent. She enjoys teaching parents how to keep their children’s teeth healthy and believes education is vital to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Maggie believes that, “If we can help create healthy habits when children are young,they will keep those habits throughout their lifetime.”

When not in the office, Maggie likes to challenge herself. She started distance running and participating in triathlons. She also enjoys being in her vegetable garden, doing yoga, photography, watching football and eating a lot of Korean and Mexican food.

Shannon, Dental Assistant

shannonShannon has been a crucial member of our team since she was first hired in 2011. A graduate of Bridgerland Applied Technology College’s dental program, Shannon has also taken the National Boards for dental assisting. She enjoys the many different tasks that she gets to complete every day, but her favorite is surgical procedures. By helping Dr. Johnson, taking the 3D image scans, and keeping things clean, sterile, and organized, Shannon helps our practice run smoothly.

Shannon and her husband have been married for 18 years. Together, they have three sons and one daughter. When she’s not hard at working improving your oral health, Shannon enjoys many hobbies, including baking, gardening, and scrapbooking.